Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Value of Good Design. Can You Afford Not to Have It?

How many times have prospective home buyers toured a property with their realtor when a trip through the new master bedroom wing elicits "oh, that's unfortunate?" There's no doubt that the addition was conceived as a way to increase both the livability and resale value of the home. But, in the end, the poorly designed space may have cost the sale of the property.

It's no secret that many homeowners consider hiring an architect too expensive. And, admittedly, not all
Renovation projects require such expertise. But consider the Renovation that involves structural changes or additions, reconfiguring spaces, moving plumbing or other mechanical systems or designs that impact the exterior character of your home. Any of these elements, as part of your Renovation project, can represent a large percentage of the overall construction budget and will have an enormous effect on the value of your home. It makes sense to work with someone who is trained to protect, even enhance, your investment.

Architects are trained to be creative. But this creativity isn't just some academic excuse for producing artsy renderings of ego-driven, over-inflated, far-too-expensive monuments to the way people don't really live. Quite the contrary; the training and experience that an architect brings to your Renovation allow them to creatively consider cost, materials, efficiency, codes and regulations and current and future use. All while working with you to design creative, dynamic environments and aesthetics that both satisfy functional needs and enhance the way that you live and fit within your budget.

In the end, good design sells. It adds value to your home and to your neighborhood. American homeowners collectively spend hundreds of billions of dollars per year on
Renovation projects. A well designed Renovation is a smart investment that will return dividends in the way that you live and at resale time.

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