Sunday, May 4, 2008

Home Renovation Scrapbook

Whether your Renovation dreams involve a kitchen remodel, a new master suite, a nursery or a media room, prepare for the planning process by keeping a scrapbook. You probably already sift through numerous home improvement-type magazines. Tear out the photographs of that kitchen that you like so much and look up the resources section for the fixtures in that bath that you admire.

But go one step further; jot down a few notes on exactly what you like or dislike in the photograph. You may find that the reason that you want that particular room for your own is actually that you just love the color used on the walls or the style of cabinetry. This personal exploration will likely tell you a lot about what you really want to accomplish in your future projects and will also put you a step ahead when you sit down with a design professional to start planning in earnest.

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