Friday, February 6, 2009

And I Knew Better!

Yes, I knew better. It's just another example of how human we all are. The toilet had been running intermittently on its own for a while. I knew what was wrong. I had even stopped by the local hardware store sometime back and bought the new parts that I needed. But I was busy and I never got around to fixing it.

Well, the water bill finally came. Here's a lesson in simple water conservation methods. All those "little" drips and intermittent running and old fixtures and general laziness adds up. In one month our water billed DOUBLED! Here's the next lesson: for less than $20 in new parts and half an hour of my time, the problem is now fixed.

Often we discuss seemingly heroic conservation methods. But next time you're at your local hardware store, check out the simple water conservation products that they carry. They'll range from aerator screens for your faucet to new, more efficient fixtures.

Then we'll move on to talking about rain barrels, rain gardens and cisterns.

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terratecture said... as I say, not as I do! Sometimes we get too close to things and forget our own issues. We are suppose to be the experts after all! Are you familiar with the story of the cobbler's shoes? He was so busy making shoes for others that he didn't even realize that he had holes in HIS soles! Thanks for the reminder to clean up my own backyard, first!

Green Dean